Hello everyone! Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Cintia, I was born in Brazil, I’m 45 years old, I’m a mother and a person passionate about teaching, travelling, experiencing different cultures, languages and helping young people to develop the desire to learn languages and to know the world. I have lived and worked in different parts of the world for the past 23 years and have had the privilege to experience different cultures and different approaches to life.   

Teaching in Bulgaria has been so far a very positive and rewarding experience. I hope the winds of life will allow me to set my anchor here!  

As far as my work credentials, I have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in arts of languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish) more than 23 years ago, I also have an extensive training and experience with the Montessori Methodology and several certificates in the languages I can teach.

As a teacher the most important and distinguishing quality of an educator is to personalize the approach, to create an environment where the children can express themselves and to adapt to the students’ styles and needs, to respect the children’s individuality. The role of an educator is to help each child to develop their full potential, respecting their pace, helping them to develop their social skills, emotional growth, physical coordination and cognitive abilities. The main goal is not to impose on the child, but rather help them learn by themselves, to give them choices.  

There are many things I could say here: such as embrace mistakes, to ask open-ended questions, allow them to daydream, giving them freedom to explore, help them to feel confident, show them that learning can be fun, to tell them real inspirational stories, and finally show them the word and all the possibilities in it.  

 So, I would like to end this with one of my favorite’s quotes:  

There is a driving force stronger than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the willpower.”, Albert Einstein

I strongly believe that it is our role as an educator to develop in our children the desire to learn, to achieve, to conquer. To be themselves and to thrive in their different abilities, always respecting their pace and preferences.